About Us

Food products are among the most strategic products and play an important role in the future of the world.
“Noshid” has been importing food products to Iran since 1999 and today is one the pioneers. We are supplying more than 1000 B2B customers all over the country at the moment.
Understanding the importance of what we are doing, we started to supply the foreign market with a valuable native product: Dates
Noshid is known as a leading experienced company specializing in dates industry.
Benefiting from 3 production and packing units in different date growing areas of southern Iran (Bam, Boushehr and Jahrom) , Noshid is capable of supplying the most popular varieties of Iranian dates including:
Mazafati, Rabbi, Shahani, Kabkab, Zahedi, Kalouteh, Sayer, Piarom and also by-products of date industry such as date syrup and date paste.